Downloads walk through guide

1. Getting started

The downloads are implemented as topics in the ENOSYS forum, you can download documents and leave us your questions and  comments.
For requesting the subscription to the forum you'll need a Google ID. If you have a Gmail account, just Sign In with it and then follow the instruction.
Below you will find a detailed walk through for the subscription procedure.

2. How to sign-in

Ok, let us start. You have probably had the following message. "Sign-in to view the group" as it is shown below.

Click to this link to get to the Google sign-in interface.

If you have a Gmail address or a Google Apps Account, just sign in and follow the group subscription process in section 4.
If you have no idea about this or want to use your work e-mail address just follow the instructions in the next section.

3. How to obtain a Google Id

Right, you can obtain a Google Id for your regular e-mail address. Just click on the big red button  SIGN UP  on the top right corner of the page.
Follow the process on the web-page.

Note: you can provide any regular e-mail address to obtain a Google ID.

Please sign-in to your Google Account to proceed with the subscription.

4. How to apply for membership

Right, you are signed-in. You will be forwarded back to the ENOSYS download page.

You can now "Apply for membership." 

We would be very grateful to you if you choose to follow the instructions and provide us few details about you such as "(1) Name, (2) Company (3) Industry." You'll be granted access within 24 hours on working days.

5. This is how it looks at the end

After all you will have access to the downloads section for the public deliverables of the ENOSYS project. You will also be able to leave your comments and questions to the community.
Note: You have to be signed-in to your Google Account to see the forum.

6. I'm still having troubles with the subscription

Please contact the coordinator of the project by sending us a message through the web interface. We will do our best to help you.

Thank you for following this walk through guide.