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FalconML by Axilica

FalconML is available in two versions

FalconML Starter Edition is designed to enable users to familiarise themselves with a UML to hardware design methodology. Used in conjunction with a UML® modelling tool, the tool supports the synthesis of UML models to RTL, ready for design implementation in a traditional EDA design flow. FalconML Starter Edition also incorporates significant functionality developed in the ENOSYS project by Axilica and its partners.

The commercial version of FalconML provides access to the full functionality supporting both hardware development and hardware/software co-design.

For further information on FalconML please contact Requests for tool evaluations and other technical information, please refer to the Axilica website.

FalconML is a behavioral synthesis tool that supports the use of model-driven design and modelling with UML for the implementation of complex FPGAs in embedded systems. 

FalconML interfaces to a number of industry leading UML tools, including Modelio, enables the use an action language (C, C++) in the UML models and supports the partitioning of hardware and software at the UML level. The tool generates a number of outputs used in hardware and hardware/software co-design flows such as
  • SystemC TLM 2.0 for rapid simulation and development in a SystemC environment; 
  • C/C++ representations of the complete system for functional simulation and validation; 
  • RTL (Verilog and VHDL) ready for synthesis and implementation in existing EDA hardware development flows; and 
  • C/C++ for software elements for hardware/software co-design with the appropriate interfaces to hardware.

In the ENOSYS project, FalconML was enhanced to deliver a comprehensive solution that supports the ENOSYS modelling language (subset of the UML MARTE profile) and provides a complete hardware/software co-design flow targeting a number of embedded processors used in complex FPGAs. The UML modelling capabilities provided by Modelio and the synthesis provided by FalconML combine to form the basis of a unique UML-based solution.