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Modelio by SOFTEAM

Modelio Professional Solutions

The ENOSYS Modelio tool set is best accompanied with SOFTEAM's professional solutions and services :
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Modelio is an open source UML2.x modelling environment. Modelio provides a central repository, for UML2.x models as well as several valuable extensions as SysML and MARTE.

During the ENOSYS project, SOFTEAM developed an ENOSYS Solution including new features dedicated to embedded system design. In particular, the ENOSYS Modelio Solution is a great means for specifying embedded applications with state charts and action code. The ENOSYS Modelio Solution is linked to the FalconML for design space exploration and synthesis of high performance FPGA systems.
Based on the Modelio Open Source, the FalconML profile and the ENOSYS extension,  ENOSYS Modelio Solution is a complete modelling environment. It can be freely used for personal and professional projects.

Main features :

  • ENOSYS language, based on
    • UML2.x,
    • SysML,
    • MARTE,
  • FalconML support,
  • XMI import/export.