ENOSYS tools demonstration - Modelio and FalconML

The is the official web page of the ENOSYS FP7 EU project. For more information about the project, please see ENOSYS project pages. Deliverables page contains up to date public documents.
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In order to implement the ENOSYS approach, we developed a set of tools for high-level synthesis of high-performance FPGA systems.
The tools address the following domains:
  • Modelio - high-level specification of embedded systems with UML, SysML, MARTE. Application logic modeling with state charts and action code.
  • FalconML - design-space exploration and high-level synthesis of FPGA systems.
  • Jink - tool flow automation and design-space exploration through extensive search methods.
  • ACOT - for pre-synthesis source code optimization.
This tools are freely available for download and personal or professional use.