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ENOSYS Releases First Deliverables for Public Access

posted 30 Jul 2012, 09:46 by Alec Vogt
The ENOSYS Project team has released the first batch of project deliverables for public access. These deliverables are documents and reports that cover a number of topics, from reports of state-of-the-art tools for embedded systems design to detaled descriptions of the ENOSYS flow.

Instructions on how to download these deliverables can be found on the Download page of the ENOSYS project website.

A detailed description of the deliverables that are currently available can be found on the Deliverables page of the ENOSYS website. The deliverables released for public access include:

Deliverable 2.1, State-of-the-Art Analysis for Embedded Systems Design, which records and categorises current embedded systems design practices.

Deliverable 2.2, The ENOSYS Design Flow for the Modelling and Synthesis of Embedded Systems (Preliminary Version), which details the full ENOSYS design flow, from UML design entry all the way to implementation on silicon.

Deliverable 2.3, Methodology for Source Optimization using Transformations, which describes the methodology and implementation of ACOT (Application Code Optimization Tool) developed in the ENOSYS project.

Deliverable 2.4, The Design Space Exploration Methodology, which describes the development of the design space exploration aspects of the ENOSYS project.