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On this page you will find the ENOSYS Newsletters, which provide a regular update on developments in the ENOSYS project. The newsletters focus mainly on the second and third years of the project.
Additional documentation on the ENOSYS project in the form of project deliverables can be found on the Deliverables page of the ENOSYS website.

ENOSYS Newsletters

Number 1, November 2011
This newsletter discusses the technical milestones completed in 2011, which include
  • Finalisation of the ENOSYS Modeling Language based on UML and its MARTE (Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time Embedded Systems) profile;
  • Availability of two key research efforts in ENOSYS: (i) ACOT, the source code transformation tool, and (ii) Jink, the design exploration tool;
  • Delivery of the first version of the ENOSYS tool flow, demonstrating co-design for embedded systems with UML to hardware and software; and
  • Release of the highly parallel LE1 VLIW multi-core processor as a target platform for inclusion in the ENOSYS flow and methodology.
Number 2, June 2012
This newsletter focuses on marketing activities undertaken by the ENOSYS project team to publise and demonstrate the ENOSYS flow. Highlighted are the ENOSYS participation in DATE 2012; the ENOSYS Industry Day organised by Loughborough University; and the announcemnet that a number of ENOSYS project deliverables have been made available for public access. Also, this newsletter describes the demonstrations of the ENOSYS flow delivered at some of the highlighted events.

Number 3, January 2013

This newsletter is dedicated to highlighting major activities contributing to the exploitation of technology developed in the ENOSYS project. Of particular relevance are,
  • The availability of new versions of some of the ENOSYS tools which have been released for free, general access. Versions of Modelio (Modelio Open Source) and FalconML (FalconML Starter Edition) can be downloaded and used to test some of the key capabilities developed during the ENOSYS project. Access to new research technology developed by the university partners is by direct agreement with the relevant partner.
  • The collaboration agreed between Softeam and Axilica for the marketing of the core tool capabilities in the ENOSYS design flow. UML modelling with Modelio and behavioral synthesis with FalconML provide a full flow from UML models to hardware-software ready for implementation on selected FPGA platforms.
  • Agreement between the ENOSYS partners on a framework to accelerate the exploitation of new intellectual property developed in the project.  
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